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NASC 2017 Sports Sessions

Boccia: Intro to Coaching Boccia: A Paralympic Sport
Boccia is a Paralympic Sport reserved for persons with quadriplegia. It is also a perfect inclusive sport. This session will provide hands-on introduction to this indoor throwing sport of Boccia and will introduce the sports’ adaptive equipment. Video and photos will be used to explain competitive divisioning for potential coaches. This session will prepare you for applying for a Level 1 Coaching Certificate! 
Presented by: Cathy Drobny (USA Boccia) & Matt Luitjohan, CTR (Recreation Therapist, St. Louis VA)

Goalball: Sport Session
This is a three hour session consisting of an overview of the sport of goalball, a discussion of sport rules, regulations and equipment.  The session will finish with a hands-on goalball experience (participants should wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring court shoes).
Presented by: John Potts, MS (Paralympic Program Specialist, Office of National Veteran Sports) & Kerrie Townsend, COMS (Teacher & Coach, Special School District)

Sled Hockey: How To Start A Sled Hockey Program

A detailed outlook from the grassroots level of developing a startup Disabled Sled Hockey Program.
Presented by: Josh Pauls (Team USA Player) & Jason Malady (Captain, DASA Blues)

Quad Rugby: Introduction to Murderball
This presentation will provided explanation and demonstration of the exciting game of Quad Rugby, also known as Murderball or Wheelchair Rugby. This session will include discussion of the rules, classification procedures, and equipment. The session will end with a hand-on demonstration and active participation. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable sports attire and closed toed shoes.
Presented by: Sue Tucker, OTD, OTR/L, ATP (Team USA Coach), Chuck Melton (Team USA Player), Kerri Morgan, PhD, OTR/L, ATP (Team USA Athlete) & Meghan Morgan, MSW (Program Director, DASA)


Accessible Facilities: Adaptive Exercise is more than just Adapting the Exercise
When considering adaptive exercise for people with disabilities, there is more to think about than just adapting the exercises. The accessibility and usability of the facility & equipment is important, if it’s a facility geared towards people with disability or traditional exercise facility. There is more to accessibility than just being ADA compliant. We will discuss building location, facility accessibility, equipment accessibility, gym space layout and so on. Also we will give tips on how to encourage your clients to advocate for themselves and make their needs known.
Presented By: Lindsey Kampwerth, OTD, OTR/L, ATP (Dir. of Assistive Technology, Paraquad) & Melissa Smith, MSOT, OTR/L, ATP (Health and Wellness Program Manager, Paraquad)

Adapting PE: Adapting Physical Activities for Children with Disabilities
This presentation will provide teachers, coaches, and parents with simple yet innovative methods for modifying physical activities for children with special needs.  These modifications, along with alternative equipment ideas, can help increase the safe and successful participation of children with disabilities in individual and team sports, PE programs, fitness and exercise activities, group games, and skill practice.
Presented by: Barb Reinarman, MAT, MASE & Marisue Stoll (Adapted PE Teachers, Special School District)

Adapting Training for Strength and Mobility
Learn to modify and adapt traditional strength training methods, coupled with mobility tools to enhance your or your athletes' function and performance.  This session will be part lecture, part hands-on experiential learning with equipment and suitable for all abilities and interests.
Presented by: Dave Newkirk (USA Athlete), Sharon Moskowitz (CrossFit Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach & ACSM Personal Trainer), Kevin Ogar (Para-CrossFit Athlete), Kimi Kemp, MS, EP-C, ACSM (Fitness Manager & Military Outreach, DASA)

CAF: Supporting New, Emerging and Elite Athletes
This session will provide details on the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) mission, grant processes and programs.
Presented by: Dawna Callahan (Director of Programs, CAF)

Classification 101
Classification is a process of categorizing athletes according to their abilities in adaptive sports.  Without it, there would be no fairness of competition.  This session will attempt to simplify the classification procedures and summarize the classes in the different Paralympic sports.
Presented by: Pam Carey, MA Ed (GUMBO Director, State of Louisiana)

Custom Cushions: The Application of Custom Molded Cushions in Adaptive Sports and Recreation
Custom molded cushions benefits individual users and provides optimal support positioning and pressure distribution. Use of custom molded cushions for adaptive sports and recreation can increase the time spent in the adaptive device and make the experience more beneficial and enjoyable to the athlete.
Presented by: Steve Hug (Rehab Sales Specialist & Territory Manager, Invacare)

Event Management and Hy-tek Meet Manager for Disability Track and Field
Discussion will center on meet registration using an on-line application and use and configuration of Hy-tek software to use for your track and field meet.
Presented by: Paul Johnson (USATF Coach & Official, Meet Director, SWAA Board Member) 

Paralympic Sport: American Development Model for Paralympic Sport
The United States Olympic Committee, in partnership with the national governing bodies, created the American Development Model in 2014 to help Americans realize their full athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle. Long-term athlete development concepts are utilized to promote sustained physical activity, participation in sport and Olympic and Paralympic success. This session will cover concepts and practices pertaining to effective Paralympic athlete development pathways.
Presented by: Dan Schwieder (Manager, Paralympic Community Partnerships)

Social Skills & Sports: Time Out! Let's Talk About Social Skills and Sports
When you are playing or watching sports there are rules that everyone has to play by. These rules are written, understood and hopefully followed by players and coaches. However, social rules are much more confusing and change depending on the situation. When players have difficulty with social skills, it impacts them on and off the field. This seminar will discuss recognizing and understanding these social difficulties, as well as, offer strategies to incorporate on your team.
Presented by: Lisa Cooseman, MSOT, OTR/L (
Co-Owner, Leaps & Bounds) & Erin Wilhite, MOT, OTR/L (Coordinator, Leaps & Bounds)

Sports Psychology for Athletes & Coaches
Sport Psychology is not just for the elite athlete but offers something to every coach and athlete who desires to develop their sporting ability. This session will introduce participants to sport psychology and mental skills training. Topics that will be discussed include goal-setting, mental toughness, self-talk techniques, mindfulness, visualization, and arousal regulation strategies, and focus/concentration skills. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice some of these skills during the session.
Presented by: Dr. Paul Wright (Sport Psychologist; Professor of Exercise Science, Lindenwood Univ.)

Stronger on the Sideline: Putting athletes to work - getting stronger on the sidelines!
This session will give specific examples of how to take functional and simple workout equipment to ANY practice for any adapted sport.  Who doesn't want athletes that are sitting and waiting to do a drill to get stronger while they wait?  Participants will experience a quick and easy way to modify workouts for athletes of any type and sport and get handouts to take home and incorporate into practices immediately.  Strength and conditioning guidelines and creative ideas will be discussed and brainstormed.
Presented by: Heather Pennington, MA Ed, CSCS, CAPE (Professor of Exercise Science, Lindenwood Univ.)

USABA: A review of The United States Association of Blind Athletes Programs
This session will provide a review of various programs, camps, and sports available to people with visual impairments. 
Presented by: John Potts, MS (Paralympic Program Specialist, Office of National Veteran Sports) & Kerrie Townsend, COMS (Teacher & Coach, Special School District)

VA Adaptive Sports Programs: FY2017 Adaptive Sports Grant, Olympic & Paralympic Training Allowance, & Other VA Initiatives
The VA has a wide range of Olympic, Paralympic, Adaptive, and other Sport activities in which it engages with partners to provide recreational, rehabilitative, therapeutic, and whole-life health benefits for Veterans. This presentation will provide a general overview of VA Adaptive Sports Grant program and factors to consider in FY2017 ASG Application. Participants will receive a general overview of VA Monthly Assistance Allowance for Disabled Veterans Training in Paralympic [and Olympic] Sports. Descriptions of other VA sport programs and ways to partnership with VA will be provided.
Presented by: 
Michael Welch (Adaptive Sport Specialist, Office of National Veterans Sports Programs and Special Events)

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